Managing Brand Awareness

Support the market introduction of a new Hyundai Genesis


HYUNDAI Motors CIS is the exclusive importer and distributor of Hyundai cars in the Russian Federation. The company has one of the largest dealer networks in Russia with more than 140 dealerships countrywide.

How did the multi-channel digital-campaign
affect the Brand Awareness?

Brand Objective

To fill a place in the consumer’s mind even before the decision of purchase is made. This is why the main thing that the advertiser wants to know after the campaign is how much did knowledge about the product for those who saw the banner or video increase.


Segmento Brand Lift technology allows to measure the growth of brand or product awareness for audience of particular digital campaign. Research is available at no additional cost and without any outsourcing contractors.


High income
(Based on the analysis
of anonymous offline data)


Interested in competitors' cars:
Toyota Camry, Mazda 6,
Audi 6, FordMondeo

Interested in Hyundai cars

Compare different offers of car dealers

Multi-channel campaign




Campaign Period

1.5 months


7 000 000
unique users

Product Lift
1.5 times higher
than the average for the industry

How did we measure Brand Lift?

Campaign Optimization to increase Product Awareness

Periodic Brand or Product Lift measurements allow

Show ads to users who know less
about the product without spending budget
on those who are already well familiar with it.

Test the perception of different
messages and channels by various segments
of the target audience. Results help to choose
efficient creatives for each segment.

Test ad frequency the best
suited for remembering the product.