How we attracted potential purchasers
of new L’OREAL PARIS product using bank’s Big Data

Due to the anonymized data on real people purchase behavior online and offline, Segmento has managed to
attract women who are not just browsing beauty resources, but willing (and are able) to spend money on
decorative and care cosmetics.

Loreal in web


Attract new target audience to the webpage of the company’s product

  • Campaign Period

    April 12 — May 8, 2016

  • Strategy

    Segmento Traffic Media Fix

  • KPI

    Time spent on site, bounce rate, pages per visit, CPC

  • Geo


How we found the audience

The audience of this campaign are women aged 18 to 50 living in Russia. Segmento’s task was to choose from the wider audience those who are not just interested in cosmetics but also want to buy it online and offline.


Read a lot about personal care

  • Visit websites about beauty and online beauty retailers
  • Read reviews of new beauty products

Сonsumer Behavior Modeling

Based on anonymized results of data analysis within the bank*

  • Buy decorative & care cosmetic
  • Visit SPA-centers and beauty salons more than once a month
Offline & online consumer behavior modeling helped Segmento to find the most relevant audience inclined to purchase new product.
Compare Segmento audience behavioral indicators with the audience, attracted through other advertising channels

Segmento algorithms are trained in the process
of the campaign. The system analyzes the behavior
of users after the contact with ads
and excludes from the campaign those users whose
behavior indicates a low propensity to buy.
The longer the campaign, the better the results.

*Segmento does not have access to the personal data of the Bank's customers. Also, the Bank does not transfer any personal data to Segmento's clients and partners. Any operations to determine the consumer preferences of the bank's customers conduct within the Bank. Segmento technology allows to receive from the bank an estimated probability for impersonal and segmented browsers (cookies) for making ads more relevant. The connection between the browser and the client also occurs inside the bank. The reverse definition of the client's identity, card number, social networks profile definition or any connection with personal data is completely excluded.

Сustomer Review

We have convinced that using offline data allows us to target ads more precisely
and, thus, spend budget more effectively. Cooperation with Segmento has helped us to learn more
about our target audience. As a result of the campaign, we have received an analysis of the
audience segments' interests. This data can be used in future campaigns to attract
new potential buyers who are interested in the L’OREAL products.

L’Oreal Paris