Measuring the conversion of digital ads
into offline purchases

First case in Russia


Snow Queen is the largest multi-brand fashion store chain in Russia.

100 stores across Russia.

20 million visitors annually on an average.


Measure how digital campaign affected sales in offline stores.


Online 2 Offline

Segmento created the depersonalized profiles of Snow Queen potential buyers. The information about ad views was recorded into these anonymous profiles.

How we measured Sales Lift

A segment of potential buyers was identified based on the data analysis — 4.5 million people.

We randomly divided found users into 2 groups: the control group and the test group.

The initial probability (in %) of purchasing at the Snow Queen stores was identical for each group.


Segmento platform was used for the ad display.

The test group saw ads at the largest websites of the Russian Internet.

The control group did not see ads.


CR = the percentage of the total number of people in the group that made a purchase. Analysis of purchases was conducted within the bank and by its employees.

have seen ads
CR 0.188

haven't seen ads
CR 0.098

91 %

The likelihood of purchase
increases by 91%, if a
person sees online ads

Segmento solves the main problem of our marketing — how to measure conversion from online to offline? Without a unique code or a coupon. Without loyalty cards. We needed to know. So, we have hired the artificial intelligence and Big Data of the largest bank in the country represented by Segmento.

Tatyana Golysheva
The head of the Advertising Department in
Snow Queen